„Man, woman, sex, tangled hair, bare flesh, vulnerability.... when I model my figures, I refer to inner conflicts, to art history, and to experiences with the male gender. I create a mix between a sculpture and a doll. My figures communicate with the viewer in the way of a medium. They can also serve the reflection of what is going on within ourselves.“ Nänzi 2013

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of NÄNZI’s death, we installed a new showroom presentation under the title
Love is also a Drug

flyer and invitation card
NÄNZI, Bäd Görl, 1996
Photo: Michael Harms, Berlin

NÄNZI sculptor” as Sybille Reichert called herself, died suddenly in November 2013 at the age of 51. Coming from the Punk scene, she was headstrong and radical, the incarnation of vitality and self-determination. Nänzi has left us with sculptures – mainly in plaster –large and small, collages, artist books, paintings, photographs, drawings, and prints.

Woman is NÄNZI’s principal theme, and how her physiognomy represents an emotional condition. Many of her figures seem to be existentially and disturbingly threatened, others are bursting with erotic womanliness. They address love, hate, and pain. A central aspect of her work is the permanent self-reference, the tendency to transform her sculptures into herself and also to perform as one of her figures.

Classically sculpted from a live model, NÄNZI’s figures are personalities with roles in the theatre of humanity. More often dressed, coiffured, and made-up, we also meet them in naked intimacy. Inevitable plaster breaks of arms or legs become part of the figure and are metaphors for emotional amputations.

NÄNZI’s Showroom, 2016
Photos: Helen Adkins


Sadly, our showroom closed in 2020 due to Covid. The estate is in storage but we actively contribute to exhibitions and are working on challenging new formats, notably an extensive publication.

Open from June 2015
Fennstraße 9-11 (former post office) 12439 Berlin Schöneweide
1st stairwell in the courtyard / 1st floor
(S-Bahn Schöneweide)

With a selection of over 50 works from the years between 1984 and 2013, the Showroom gives us an insight into this unique oeuvre. The concern with the estate is a private initiative backed by Nänzi's family. The ultimate aim is to produce a comprehensive publication by which the work and the artist can be remembered.

NÄNZI’s's SHOWROOM is financed through sales and donations.

Please contact us for a visit!
Helen Adkins Tel. +49 30 2161585
Dietmar H. Heddram Tel. +49 152 58151487 / heddram@web.de

Opening of NÄNZI’s SHOWROOM, 25th June 2015
Photo: U. Diezmann, VG Bild-Kunst